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eCommerce Email Marketing is the Key to Success

We all notice that shopping websites always have promotional pop-ups to increase their newsletter subscribers. Why they send you offer so much discount offers in your mail box? Why do they need to have email subscribers? the answer is direct interaction is very important for online business and eCommerce Email Marketing is the main key to tap customers.
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5 WordPress Newsletter Plugins to Manage Subscribers

WordPress newsletter plug-ins help webmasters attract more visitors and bring visitors back to the sites to get better conversions. After reviewing hundreds of WordPress newsletter plug-in, we finally have found the best, among which the following 5 enjoy the highest contentment rate. Read more


7 Tips to optimize website conversion rate

Young entrepreneurs did not receive satisfied number of sales conversions from their websites. Even they have good products or services. I am not planning to confuse you but to help you to optimize website conversion rate of your website. Read more


Manage WordPress Site With 5 Tools

Tablets make it easier to read and respond to emails and access business documents and other content on the go. Whether you’re on a business trip or frequently belong on the go. Using WordPress on your tablet makes it easy for you to stay connected wherever you go. These five utilities make it possible to run your WordPress site from your tablet or Smartphone, so you can truly do your business anywhere.
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SEO Strategy Must Include Bing and Yahoo

“Search engines” when you hear this term, I shall bet the first company you think of is Google. It makes sense if you do.  So when the term “search engine optimization” is mentioned, it would make sense which most people presume that simply means optimizing one’s site for Google, what about all of those other sites, like Bing and Yahoo.

While SEO is indeed about improving your search result of site on Google. Because the popularity of Google  many SEOs find themselves wondering if they should even bother with optimizing for being or yahoo. I know I certainly have. Is optimizing for alternative search engines a waste of time? Or optimizing for Bing and yahoo Paramount to a good SEO strategy? Read more