SEO Strategy Must Include Bing and Yahoo

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“Search engines” when you hear this term, I shall bet the first company you think of is Google. It makes sense if you do.  So when the term “search engine optimization” is mentioned, it would make sense which most people presume that simply means optimizing one’s site for Google, what about all of those other sites, like Bing and Yahoo.

While SEO is indeed about improving your search result of site on Google. Because the popularity of Google  many SEOs find themselves wondering if they should even bother with optimizing for being or yahoo. I know I certainly have. Is optimizing for alternative search engines a waste of time? Or optimizing for Bing and yahoo Paramount to a good SEO strategy?

Saving time with Bing and Yahoo

You may be hoping that the answer to the above question was no, it is not important to optimize for anything but Google. It is time wasting enough to optimize for just one search engine! But reason number one to optimize for yahoo and Bing is so that you can save time in the long run.

You optimize your site primarily for Google, while spending might be 30% of your time optimizing for Bing and Yahoo. You have done enough good work which you are on the first page for all three search engines. Now when Google changes their alogarithm and knocks you off of their top search result, there is still a chance which potential customers can find you when they search on Bing or yahoo. That could be a godsend if most your traffic comes from search result.

Intriguing Statistics about Search Engine Usage

Sometimes, I feel like the whole world is using Google and nothing else. After all you never hear anyone ask you to Bing or Yahoo the answer to a question on the internet. With all of that said, there is still a pretty considerable number of people out there using alternative search engines.

Knowing demographic of yahoo and Bing user is key to developing and SEO strategy for these two search engines. When you know the faces behind the searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo, you can create and SEO strategy that is tailor-made for your business.

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Optimizing for Bing and Yahoo vs. Google

If you have decide what is time to focus a little more attention on optimizing for yahoo and Bing, here is a bit of good news. Yahoo search is powered by Bing, meaning you only end up optimizing for one extra search engines rather than two. Another helpful fact is that Bing and Google’s alogarithm are similar in many ways.

Such as optimizing URLs and domain names for keywords and having a large number of high-quality, do follow backlinks are equally important to Bing/Yahoo and Google.

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