Yahoo Optimization Tips and Tricks

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Yahoo Optimization Tips and Tricks: Majority of us thinks it’s ok if Yahoo is not indexing their websites or webpages, Its totally wrong concept because yahoo has potential daily searchers if you skip it you are losing business. Its reality that Google has 75% of internet searcher and have great competition for every single keyword as well this does not mean that we should not target other search engines. YAHOO, Bing and other search engines have 25% users and targeting them will be a plus for your online business, Its ture that Google’s indexing and ranking algorithm is getting more complex day by day thats why SEO personals have to stay updated and perform SEO activities on daily bases for Google. But there is still a secret way to get indexing and stay on in Google’s Top listing.

Their are many high PR web directories available on internet, and they do offer paid business listings but Yahoo Directory has much more importance than other high PR directories in eyes of Googlebot. All you need to do is submit you website in yahoo directory.

Key point for yahoo directory submission:

please submit your website to the best suited category or sub categoty with hight Google PR page.

Thats is Yahoo Directory its not free but helps you get and stay in top ranking not only in yahoo but also in Altavista, AlltheWeb,  After indexed in Yahoo web directory you will notice dramatic increase in Google page rank of your website, which means your website or your webpage start getting importance from Google.

After Yahoo Directory submission Browse yahoo site explorer and verify your website using your yahoo id and submit your website feeds in it, if your website Offer RSS submissions and all. Please do onpage optimization as much as you can beacuse Yahoo give really high importance to fully onpage optimized websites. and follow the regular SEO activity  you will see a your website start producing results in Yahoo SERP.

Meta Tags Optimization for Yahoo

Meta Tags Optimization for Yahoo: As we all know that Yahoo SERP’s are based mainly based on onpage optimization with some offpage elements. Meta tags optimization is one of the key factor which plays key role in YAHOO search engine rankings. Following are few optimization tips for eSpecially for YAHOO.

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Yahoo Optimization Help

Yahoo Optimization Help: All websites needs to be optimized for Google, BING, Yahoo and all popular search engines. For Yahoo optimization , we need to focus on Onpage Optimization, because Yahoo give more importance on page activity. Following are few optimization tips which helps your yahoo serps.

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