How to Use Twitter for Website Marketing

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How to Use Twitter for Website Marketing: Twitter is one of the the most popular and widely used social network which carries profiles of worlds leading brands and professionals, in short we can say that twitter has got potentiality to promote new and exiting business domains. To use Twitter in more accurate way please follow the following guidelines.

  1. Sign-up for free and customize your profile, profile must have your logo as picture, brand name and your website.
  2. URL if you are creating business profile.
  3. Write few updates, approximately 20 to 30 related updates will much batter.
  4. Follow the market giants. Search with the keyword and you will get list of all related profiles, and follow them.
  5. Keep watching your followers list.
  6. Enable RSS feeds functionality on your website and Synchronize it with your twitter profile using
  7. stay in touch with your followers and send them regular updates on related topics you use for sending quick updates
  8. Embed your Twitter RSS feed in your Link Wheel to produce more traffic
  9. Engage your twitter in Link wheel will reflect good results on your Google Optimization campaign.