Social Media Management Apps You Should Know About

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You surely know about Hootsuite, but do you know about any other applications that could help you manage your social media accounts?

If you’re a social media guru or community manager, you know these type of apps are more than useful to your everyday work. They help you schedule posts and monitor all of your client’s accounts in a single platform.

But, more apps have been created for this specific purpose, and they have evolved beyond those simple features, that help to organize several platforms and the sharing of information through chosen networks.

These apps are becoming more and more specialized, and each one has their own features and characteristics that set them apart from the rest.

For example, SpredFast is specially designed for the social media manager whose priority is to measure analytics from his social media accounts, and its analytical possibilities are practically endless.That is why this app is the perfect tool for those who are looking for data integration features.

SpredFast manages data from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube, and monitors your accounts to see how many people you have reached. This is the greatest app for an eMarketer; it tells you if your target audience is engaging with your content.

In this app, the information is well presented in a visual format (graphs), which you can use for comparing your campaigns vs other strategies.

And, if you’re a Webmaster or Blogger and love RSS feeds, then TwitterFeed is perfect for you (and your social media accounts). You can update your social media accounts with new RSS feed posts by if you integrate TwitterFeed into your social accounts.

TwitterFeed goes beyond Twitter, and connects RSS feeds to Facebook, LinkedIn and StatusNet for automatic updating. Fresh blog posts from your blog’s feed (and their links) are immediately posted to your social media accounts with this awesome app.

And, did you know you can measure thread influence and track conversations with an app named “ExactTarget”? Before there was HootSuite, this app used to be called “CoTweet”, the community manager’s tool of choice, mostly used for corporate accounts and small businesses.

In this app, you can find your user profile information in the right sidebar. It also gives you the option to add conversations to lists and add notes to them, and to also view their influence on social media. With this amazing app, you can analyze and track conversations across Facebook and Twitter, the most prominent social media platform.

Another useful app allows you to update your social media accounts via SMS messaging. Which app is this? It’s called Sendible!

This platform allows you to update all your social media accounts, and integrates every social networking website in the world. And the most impressive feature about Sendible is that you can also use it to create updates via SMS text messaging and email.

So, Sendible would be one of the best options for organizing and updating all your social media profiles and in one single application. It’s not free, though. The other option you have to manage all of your social media accounts (for free) it’s Hootsuite (and even this plafform limits the number of SM accounts you can add to your dashboard).

If you have too many accounts and you can’t manage them yourself, these apps might be the solution to your problem. Also, don’t forget to ask yourself what you wish to get out of your social media experience, in order to choose the social media management app that is perfect for you.

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