Best SEO Strategy for High SERP’s

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Best SEO Strategy for High SERP’s: Search engine war is getting more complex day by day, new websites face great competition to get top search engine positions in search engines, there are more than 10 million pages got indexed daily at different search engines. All of them are targeted several top notch set of keywords, many of them are maintained by SEO firms but some are mantained by webmasters themselves; which make process of search engine position more difficult to get and stay on top serp’s in search engines. For that new webmasters needs to perform some consistent SEO activity on their websites to get top search engine positions for set of targeted keywords, to drive more business from search engine.

Some rules needs to be followed by webmaster to get top search engine positions, Google Optimization, Yahoo Optimization, BING Optimization tips are available on Internet different there are some seo factors which needs to be followed

We have few suggestions which helps you to setup your initial SEO campaign:

  1. Select Top Notch Set of Keywords
  2. Self Explained Content
  3. Search Engine Friendly Structure

Selecting Top Notch Set of Keywords:

Keywords are most essential part for any web based business, so you need to select best set of keywords to rent-out your services or sell your products. Google Sandbox is good tool to find best and top searched keywords for your website.

Self Explained Content:

Your website content plays vital role to grab good business from internet, all you need to focus on your service or product you are selling, objectives of your business, your content should be self explained, your audience and don’t forget to manage keywords in your content. Best way for writing great content is to search your main keyword in different search engines and analyze your first three competitors especially on google, yahoo and msn. Read their content and analyze how they are selling their services or products, than start generating great content for your websites focusing to get top serp’s in all search engines.

Search Engine Friendly Structure:

After you developed great content, you need search engine friendly website structure which attracts search engine bots and human visitors. here is a small check lest of search engine friendly structure.

  • All keywords should appear in meta Title tag
  • Generate separate set of keywords for all webpages
  • Write good keyword rich description
  • Create custom 404 error page
  • Try to reduce website load time.
  • Please do xhmtl and CSS validation