SEO and Internal Linking

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SEO and Internal Linking: Internal linking is used to redirect search engine bots other revalent website available on your website. This does helps to acknowledge search bot that how well your content is written and how much relavency in current article and other articles available in your website. Proper internal link building is one of the major SEO activities. What webmaster have to care is about all linked pages should have proper keyword rich and well optimized content.

Basic Steps for internal Linking:

  • Make a list of keywords.
  • Select most keyword relavent pages in your website.
  • Underline or Bold the keyword you want to link with other page.
  • Dont forget to add title tag in you anchor tag.

After creating internel links, Please do check that all links are in working state and redirct you to the page you did linked it. Internel linking has got pretty good weight in onpage optimization its important for onpage optimization for all search engines including Google, Yahoo and BING.