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SEO Check List: Here is the check list of search engine optimization check list of onpage and offpage optimization. this check list to get top ranked in search engines.

Onpage Optimization:

  • Meta Tag Optimization
  •  Content Optimization

Meta Tags Optimization:

Meta tags are very important as per SEO point of view, all seo experts do optimize meta tags with little bit extra attention just because these tags have more optimization weight than other section.

Few important  meta optimization tips:

  • Please do use <meta name=”title” content=”Your Website Title”>
  • Title tag should not exceed than 68 characters.
  • Keywords tag  should not exceed than 150 characters.
  • Description tag should not exceed than 180 character.
  • Please use GEO tags if your website is region specific

Content Optimization:

Content optimization is one o the key factor of search engine optimization if your content is well written, keyword rich and your webpage is 100% optimized than no one can beat your top ranking. your content must written on targeted set of keywords and keyword density should at least 7% or above. Content optimization carries following key SEO activities.

  • Heading Tags
  • Alt Tags
  • Anchor Tags
  • Internal linking

Heading Tags:

Your content must contains main keywords in heading tags (H1-H6), all targeted keywords should comes under heading tags atleast once. if youe website design don’t allow you to highlight text in heading tags please use CSS classes to manage it.

Alt Tags:

All images tags must have alt tag, and this tag  should filled up with your keyword rich statement.

Anchor Tags:

All Anchor tags must have name and title tags, please fill these tags with  keyword rich small statemen(should not increase than 40 characters). Please do not connect any other website from your website.

Internal Linking:

Please do connect your content with other relavent content available on your website. Click here to know about internal linking.

Offpage Optimization:

  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Directory Submissions
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Bookmarkings
  • Deep Linking

Search Engine Submissions:

Do submit your website to all major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing, manual search engine submissions are preferable.

Directory Submissions:

Directory submission is very important for SEO, this will increase you website visibility in search engines, please do submit your website to high pr web directories.

Social Media Marketing:

Find out the most famous social media where you could fine good audience for your website.

Social Bookmarkings:

Do use social book marking services to capture more audience and enhance your website visibility as well as your website link will remain available on that website.

Deep linking:

‘Figure out your website’s main sections and made a list of these urls and appropriate title’s for these URL’s. Than you need to find more web directories which does offer deep link submission this exercise your website’s main sections will also start appearing in search engines.

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