Search Engine Friendly Structure of Website

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Search Engine Friendly Structure of Website: To get high rank in search engines you need to restructure your website if your website structure is no search engines friendly.Please follow the following list.

URL Structure:

URL does play very important role in search engine listings and positioning. Website which is selected for seo must have complete directory structure URL’s
many popular CMS does provide URL rewriting modules e.g. oScommerce, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and many others…
if website have query structure like

Search engine will not rank well your website, luckily if you get top position with query structure than you would not keep that position for long some other website will snatch that position. and your domain start losing search engine positions.

Website’s Hierarchy:

Website’s hierarchy must mantain in URLS and all hierarchy links must be valid links or 301 redirected on proper landing page.

Website’s Meta Tags:

Meta tags are very important for search engines, meta tags does have different behaviour in different search engines but if we do well optimise them for Google we will ranked well in all search engines. Following are the most important meta tags for all search engines.

  • Title:

Title tag is very important for all search engines it has 68 charactors limit in google do opimise this tag as well as you can, all targeted keywords must avaiable in title tag.

Note: do not target more than 4 keywords on a webpage.

  • keywords:

Use comma to seprate the keywords, you can add maximum of 150 characters in this tag.

  • Description:

Do add keyword rich 180 characters description in this tag.

Note: description must have targeted keywords and have meaning full text so that all search engines and humans can understand about your webpage.

  • Robots:

Are used to deal with search engine bots, while they do crawl the website you can redirect or stop them to crawl certen directories and webspages.

Website HTML Structure:

Website must be xhtml and css validated. Website must have alt tags with images and title tags in anchor tags of website.

Website Content or Text Structure:

Website must have keyword rich text, all main keywords should available in H1-H6 heading tags. Content must contains all targeted keywords with good keyword density.