Role of Supporting Keywords

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Role of Supporting Keywords in SEO: Supporting keywords are very important to get traffic from search engines, these keywords are not main targeted keywords but are reflecting your content in search engine for different keywords. Before understanding the concept of supporting keywords, let have a clear depiction of main keywords.


Main keywords are words which are matched with your business domain and have high search volume in all search engines.

There are many paid and free services available on internet which gives search stats including search volume, what keyword have more search volume in which country. These stats can help you to select best and highly targeted business keywords for your domain.


Supporting Keywords:

Supporting keywords are mixing of set general words with main keywords, if my main keyword is “Web Hosting” than i can choose “cheap, best and affordable” as supporting words. Then the set of keywords will be :

  • webhosting
  • affordable web hosting
  • best web hosting
  • cheap web hosting
  • best affordable web hosting

You can see the one main keyword is supported by 4 other keywords, and each one of them have high search volume and will redirect some potentional customers on targeted domain.