Link Wheel

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Link wheel is one of the most advance technique now a days, which plays a vital role in search engine optimization. To generate a power full link wheel you need following:

  • Set of targeted keywords(Highest search volume keywords targeting you niche)
  • Need at least 300 words keyword rich content for each keyword.
  • List of blog providers 2.0 websites
  • List of web 2.0 websites

Please do onpage optimization with selected keywords for all major sections and categories of your website, Once you have complete the onpage optimization please do submit your website in all major search engines. And start working on link wheel.

To develop a link wheel you need a list of web 2.0 blogs and social network websites (make sure none of these blogs are directly represent your website, because this could cause account termination and will break the link wheel process) few of them are listed below:

  • wikispace
  • wetpaint
  • wordpress
  • blogger
  • blog
  • twitter


  1. Create blogs on these domain and customize it according to your taste and niche (Please use the your keywords in Blog name and URL)
  2. Populate it with relevant keyword rich text, which you did write for your keyword (Please make sure that content should unique and not used for article submissions).
  3. Link your keywords internal and external web pages and blogs, please do not add more than 4 links in 300 words content, This will create a strong internal and external links for all blogs.
  4. Most of the web 2.0 websites provide RSS feature.This feature will helps you to enhance blogs visibility.
  5. Spider your blogs RSS feeds in your blogs please use 3 way RSS feed submission process. (e.g. include RSS feed of Blog 1 in Blog4, Blog 4 to Blog3….)
  6. Submit your RSS feeds in all major RSS submission websites.
  7. Submit your blogs to all major search engines, so that your main website start getting back links from your blogs.
  8. Ping your blogs by using any free blog ping services e.g.
  9. Create a RSS feed of your website.
  10. Now create twitter and twitterfeed accounts.
  11. Create 3 to 4 accounts on social network websites.
  12. Link your website RSS feeds with your twitter accounts, by doing this your twitter account will start populating with your website automatically.
  13. Link your website RSS with social network websites and link your profiles with your twitter accounts.
  14. Submit your twitter RSS to all RSS submission networks.
  15. Keep updating your blogs and website with relevant content.

You will see the major difference in traffic and SERP’s.