How to get Google Sitelinks

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How to get Google Sitelinks: Google sitelinks are very important for brands and organizations, sitelinks automatically created by google bot once you have matched with sitelink criteria googlebot will add important links of your website as sitelinks.

How to create google sitelinks?

Link building is one of the key element of SEO which helps a website not only increase its search engine visibility and search engine rankings, this will also helps a website to generate sitelinks.

First you need to identify the most important links of the website, or what are main links you want them appear as sitelinks in google.

  1. Do onpage optimization for single targeted keyword.
  2. Make a list of URL’s and keywords.
  3. Find related niche for each keyword.
  4. Run 2 way or 3 way link exchange campaign for all targeted keywords.

Once googlebot detects that your links have quality backlinks for that perticular link will automatically add them in sitelinks