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Google Search Ads

Search ads are keyword-based digital ads. Placements of search ads are either at the top of the search results or the bottom of organic search results.

Advertisers have many options to create perfect ads for their products or services. Search ads come with many options to create ads that stand out from your competition. The best way to plan search ads is to create the perfect strategy and create ads to get maximum conversions. Options like responsive search ads, call-only ads, dynamic search ads and shopping ads are the most popular ad formats.

What type of search ads suits you best?

It’s a difficult question what type of ads will suit best with your business? All ad types have different purposes. Shopping campaigns are specific for eCommerce businesses. Google maps campaigns are highly recommended to the local businesses who like to increase their customer’s physical appearance.

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PPC Strategy
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Bids Management
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Conversion Optimization & Tracking
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Text Ads Copywriting

Our PPC experts write killer ads copywriting for search ads to attract more customers to click your ads copy in paid search results. 


Responsive Ads Copywriting

Our expert copywriters will create responsive ad copywriting. And position headlines and descriptions in a perfect alignment. If set these ads correctly will increase the quality score.


Professional Banner Ad Design

Our specialized ads designers will create stunning image ads and animated ads with action calls.  


Landing Page Design

We design unbounded landing pages to capture more leads/sales. The biggest advantage of having a dedicated landing page for each ad group. This helps make the page more relevant  and increase Quality Score


Extensions Setup

Our Google Ads expert will set up maximum ads extensions which help boost the overall click rate of ads (CTR). 


Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is most crucial part. We do setup both online and offline conversion tracking codes to optimize the campaigns to get better ROI. 


Remarketing Lists

Ads account is incomplete without remarketing lists for all types of campaigns. These lists provides another opportunity to optimize campaigns by letting you tailor keyword bids and ad text for your highest value prospects.


Bidding Strategy

Bid Strategies are tailored campaigns designed to help you accomplish certain goals such as higher click rates, impressions, or conversions.


Sales Level Tracking

Advance sales level tracking is important because this tracking really helps you to track customers activity e.g. register, opt-in for newsletter, complete purchase.

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Google Ads / PPC Management FAQ's

Keyword planner is a tool that helps research keywords for search campaigns. Google Ads offer this free tool to discover new keywords related to your business with estimated searches per month and cost per click known as CPC to target them in ads campaigns.

It’s very easy to sign up for Google Ads. You can create your account with a few clicks. If you find it difficult, we can create one for you in both cases you will have complete access to your account.

Mainly Google Ads is a service used by advertisers and Google Adsense is used by publishers. Google Ads enable business owners to advertise on, advertisers can run search campaigns, display campaigns, Google Shopping Campaigns, local campaigns to increase customers traffic with the hope that traffic converts to sales or leads. With Google Ads, advertisers pay a certain amount to Google per ad click.

Google shares some credit amounts with new customers based on past Google Ads spend, billing address of your country and the currency of your Google Ads account.

Negative keywords are the words that prevent your ad from being shown by a certain word with a certain match type. These are the keywords that actually help your campaigns to target a perfect audience by eliminating mismatch search queries. You can set negative keywords at the account level, campaign level or ad group level, this totally depends on how you structure your campaigns.

Google doesn’t put a minimum limit on the budget, you can set campaigns budget as per your choice. But as an agency, we highly recommend you to analyse initial keywords research and suggested CPC value and consider a suitable budget that generates quality traffic activity on your website & see some conversions.