5 Best Tools to Manage your WordPress Site

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Two-thirds of business owners surveyed in 2012 by Morgan Stanley said they anticipated adding tablets in the workplace whiten 12 months. Tablets make it easier to read and respond to emails and access business documents and other content on the go. Whether you’re on a business trip or frequently belong on the go. Using WordPress on your tablet makes it easy for you to stay connected wherever you go. These five utilities make it possible to run your WordPress site from your tablet or Smartphone, so you can truly do your business anywhere.


We use social sharing websites example Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, try BlogPress ($8.08/month) to control that all in one fast go. This device is best for blogging rapidly and easily to the go and sending contented for many blogs at one time. BlogPress be able to also grip multiple photos and video uploads. For the app automatically saves drafts, your content stays safe if this app crashes and you misplace connectivity for the time being. But you blog multiple times a day, use this to decrease the time you spend running content.

WordPress App

The free WordPress app for iOS or Android streamlines mobile website management, production it easier to write blog posts, upload photos, edit your content and tweak your WordPress site setting as of a small screen. If you decide to do the size of your site organization from your phone, consider updating an big Smartphone to a newer model like the IPhone 5s offered by T-Mobile and other provider.

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Remote WordPress Management Tool

A figure of remote management tools for WordPress exists, together with WP Remote ($5/month), Infinite WP (free) and ManageWP. So that, WP Remote is the very easiest way to set of contacts but lack the robust management options of the others. Infinite WP offers a solid management tool for an invincible price, and ManageWP is the nearly all robust. With these utilities, you can back up your WordPress site to Amazon S3, make dashboard-level changes and check your site. That works best for tiny business owner’s organization multiple WP sites at once, which need simple site management usefulness.


By means of the right images in your blog posts and on your website can help you make your point stylishly and powerfully. Though, judgment images to set off your content when you are browsing on your iPhone or Droid device can be exasperating. Enter Photobucket, a free image and video storage and restriction solution. Upload your photos to Photobucket as of your desktop or laptop, and then easily incorporate stored photos into your WordPress content. Alternately, look for for Creative Commons-licensed images so you can use freely in your posts.


 The $2.99 DisqusPro makes it simple to reply to WP site commenter’s from your iPhone. To use the app, you first need to enable Disqus on your WP site. Track who has commented or reply on the go to facilitate a robust discussion. Mark comments as spam, publish comments and reply in a simple, email-style interface that’s easy to use.

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